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Registration Process


AHRA cannot assist with USA Hockey registration or seminar transfer questions. You must contact USA Hockey directly for all registration inquires as we do not have access to this information. Thank you.

New Officials (never been registered before)
All applicants who have never officiated must register and apply for Level 1 certification the first season. Officiating program information, directly from the USA Hockey website can be found HERE.


Renewing Officials
Renewing officials may apply for one level higher than their completed registration level from the previous season. Officials are allowed to take one season as unregistered or incomplete and return at the same level at which they were last completely registered.  Level 1 completely registered officials are allowed to take one season off and still be eligible for level 2 the following season. The level for which each official is eligible is designated in an email from USA Hockey that also announces the new registration season. An official may apply for a level lower than their eligible level.  However, once the application has been received at the National Office, an official cannot change the level for which they have applied.


Any official who is 16 years-old (or older) at the time of membership registration, and has two or more seasons of completed registration, must register as a Level 2, Level 3, or Level 4 based on eligibility. If an official who is 16 years-old or older at the time of Membership Registration, and has more than two seasons of completed registration fails to meet Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4 registration requirements and completes as a Level 1, they must register as a Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4 Official the following season.

Steps to Register
All steps listed below must be completed before an applicant can work USA Hockey sanctioned games in Arizona.

STEP 1 - USA Hockey Registration
Register online as an ice official with USA Hockey by visiting the page below. Keep in mind that player/coach registration is not the same as officials registration. This step must be completed for currently completely registered officials to be eligible to officiate games after November 30th.
1. Select Register Now
2. Select Official/Referee​
New officials - After you register, USA Hockey will mail you the current edition of the playing rules, rule manuals and other administrative information.
STEP 2 - Seminar Registration
Register and attend a seminar for the level for which you have applied by visiting the USA Hockey website.
This step must be completed for currently completely registered officials to be eligible to officiate games after November 30th.

STEP 3 - Open Book Test
Take and pass the level specific Open Book test and pass with a score based on the level for which you have registered:
LEVEL 1: 35 (or above) out of 50
LEVEL 2: 60 (or above) out of 75
LEVEL 3: 85 (or above) out of 100
LEVEL 4: 90 (or above) out of 100
Your online open book exam will usually be available within 24 hours after you complete your online registration. You may complete your open book exam at your leisure.  New officials should wait until after the seminar to take the online exam.
STEP 4 - Online Education
Level 1 officials complete this requirement by attending the USA Hockey sponsored online 'classroom' portion of the seminar as the necessary videos are shown there. Level 2, 3, & 4 officials must complete the online training course. This consists of various video presentations, each followed by a short quiz.  You must pass each quiz before you move on to the next course.
STEP 5 - SafeSport Program
All officials who are or will be 17 years old or older as of December 31st of that registration season, must complete the SafeSport Program Training course. SafeSport is a required annual online training course that consists of various videos followed by a short quiz.  You must pass each quiz before you move on to the next topic.
Once completed, it is recommended that you download your SafeSport certificate as proof of course completion.  
STEP 6 - Background Screening
USA Hockey requires each official 18 years of age or older to pass a national level background screening.  


Click here to access the new USA Hockey background screening website. 
All new screens submitted through the new NCSI national screening program after April 1, 2020, will be valid for two seasons. For example, a screen submitted and approved on April 15, 2020, will be valid through the end of the 2021-22 season, which is August 31, 2022.

STEP 7 - ArbiterSports Setup

FOR NEW OFFICIAL'S TO ARIZONA ONLY: Once you receive your officials card and USA Hockey crest in the mail, CLICK HERE to access and complete our new officials form. This will expedite the process of being set up in the online scheduling system (Arbiter) and becoming available for assignments. For referee's that are already USA Hockey registered in another state and wish to be added to the Arizona official's roster, please complete this same form. 

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